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WOMAN  by G Herbal

Top Benefits

Helps to launch the menstrual cycle
Helps to relieve menstrual pain
Helps to balance hormones
Helps to make the menstrual cycle much more comfortable

Active Ingredients

Curcuma domestica (Turmeric) rhizoma extract
Tamarindus indica (Tamarind) fructus extract
Blumea balsamifera folium extract
Quercus infectoria (Manjakani) galls extract


2 capsules in the morning and 1 in the evening, to be taken 3 to 4 days before, during and 1 to 2 days after your monthly cycle.


It may be natural but that doesn’t make it easy. If you find menstruation a burden, you might find our Woman supplement a significant relief.

“I got started on the path to founding G Herbal when I witnessed the amazing effects Indonesian herbs had on my partner’s very uncomfortable menstrual symptoms. From that moment, I just had to know more. My journey took me from visits to the island of Madura (known for its vaginal health mixtures!), to enquiries at the largest agricultural university in south-east Asia, to a memorable discussion with a female practitioner whose family had been passing down formulations for generations.

After refinement and more refinement, testing and more testing, we created Woman. Step aside island of Madura!”

Flavonoids possess antioxidant activities and improve blood circulation.
Pyrogallol possess many antimicrobial properties (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal).
Curcumin helps to balance hormones by removing unneeded hormones and toxins from the body.
Thiamines help convert sugars into energy, impacting our mood and stabilizing stress levels.




Curcuma longa has been shown to aid in phase 2 liver detoxification, helping to remove unneeded hormones and other toxins from the body, making it powerful for balancing hormones. Turmeric has been shown to help in the management of inflammation and muscle soreness.


Tamarindus indica contains a high thiamine content that helps the conversion of sugars into energy, impacting our mood and stabilizing stress levels. It is a potent natural anxiolytic (ability to reduce anxiety), helping you to feel less stressed and overwhelmed. Tamarind also has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities helping to relieve pain, cramping and other menstrual symptoms.

Blumea balsamifera

Blumea balsamifera improves blood circulation and helps with swelling, gas, dryness (diaphoretic), menstrual pain, and calms irregular menstruation. In addition compounds found in the root are traditionally used to regulate excessive menstrual flow. Research has shown it has antibacterial and anti-fungal activities against various infectious and toxin-producing microorganisms.


Manjankani (Quercos infectoria) possess pleiotropic therapeutic activities, with particular efficacy against inflammatory diseases and preventing Candida infections. Manjakani contains a high content of phenolic compounds including Pyrogallol, known to have many anti-microbial activities such as anti-bacterial, anti-candidicidal and anti-fungicidal.

Our promise to you.

If you feel you have not received any benefits from the product you purchased, we will work with you to find a solution from our lineup of products. Should we be unsuccessful in delivering to you a solution that benefits your overall wellbeing, we will happily refund the cost of your original purchase

Vegan Friendly


Gluten Free


Reduce the length of your menstrual cycle. Blumea balsamifera improves blood circulation, removes blood clots and helps with swelling, gas, dryness (diaphoretic), menstrual pain, and calms irregular menstruation. In addition compounds found in the root are traditionally used to regulate excessive menstrual flow. Turmeric improves circulation and blood flow by opening blood vessels and encouraging anti-platelet activity, reducing the risk of plaque build up in the arteries. Flavonoids found in Tamarind lower LDL “bad” and raise HDL “good” cholesterol levels, preventing the build-up of triglycerides in the blood.


There are a set of underlying factors which contribute to most hormonal imbalances. Things like chronic stress, oxidative stress/free radical damage, chronic inflammation and decreased immune system response. There are three key properties which make Curcuma longa (Turmeric) one of the best herbs to balance hormones: anti-inflammatory abilities, high levels of antioxidants, and efficient liver detoxification. Turmeric has been shown to aid in phase 2 liver detoxification, which helps in removing unneeded hormones and other toxins from the body helping to regulate any hormonal imbalance.


Feel Fresher. Pyrogallol a compound found in Manjakani is known to be associated with many biological activities and implicated in many anti-microbial activities such as anti-bacterial, anti-candidicidal and anti-fungicidal. Research has shown that Blumea balsamifera extracts have antibacterial and anti-fungal activity against various infectious and toxin-producing microorganisms.

As Seen In

All the ingredients found in G Herbal products are grown in the mineral and nutrient rich volcanic soils of one of the most biodiverse places on earth, Indonesia. We combine the 1,300+ year old Indonesian tradition of Jamu with carefully sourced raw ingredients that have withstood the test of time and use advanced extraction techniques, bringing to you only the highest quality supplements crafted from highly potent raw ingredients.

No virgin goats milk required.

Life is challenging enough.
Taking your supplements shouldn’t be.



Identify traditional ingredients with benefits that have stood the test of time.


Locate the best regions and farms for growing selected ingredients.


Employ advanced scientific methods that produce the maximum benefits from each ingredient.

Products for every other day of the month.

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Katie C.
United States United States

A Miracle!

I was 100% skeptical of this product even after the reviews and testimonials. I did my own research on the ingredients and thought what do I have to loose. I am in shock. I am taking 2 per day as the company suggested after chatting with them and my menstrual cycle is easy breezy with less pain and odor.

Dianne L.
Australia Australia

Regular Periods! Finally!

I suffer from pcos and irregular periods. I've been on several medications including hormonal therapy and things just got worse. By chance, I found this product and tried the first month subscription and noticed that my period flow was not like it normally was. I did feel better but was not sure what exactly changed so continued for the second month and noticed that my period was on time and was following a healthy menstrual cycle!! I am on my 4th month now and i see so much more benefits.

Nichola M.
United States United States

No more Period Cramps!

I normally get lower back pains and severe period cramps (thought I had to ****-kind of stomach pains) but nope it was my body telling me I would start me period the next day. The first month taking these pills I still experienced period pain but not for as long or strong. The second month I didn’t spend a single day in bed which is something new for me. I am now on my 5 month and these pills have really helped a lot.

Laifong C.
Singapore Singapore

I took the full month, and haven't seen any changes or improvements in my usual symptoms. I still have some breast tenderness, mood swings, depressive episodes, etc. My period did move closer to the healthy cycle of 28-30 days, but it has never been regular before so this could just be something that just happened by chance. As for my period, cramps may have been lighter but I still do have terrible mood swings. Overall, there were no significant improvements.

Cheri L.
United Kingdom

It works and its also sustainable!

High quality natiural herbs. I was introduced to G Herbal from another girlfriend who had similar menstrual and female hormone issues. She shared a £10 discount for me to start my subsctription and it has been 8 months and I am still with G Herbal. I love the fact that they know the farms where all of the herbs come from.

Dawn Y.
Singapore Singapore

Period Cramps

I love them enough to tell everyone who is struggling to try them. I take 2 capsules everyday and it takes the edge off when my pweriod comes around. I have more energy and get a better nights sleep. I would highly recommend these over other supplements.