Indonesian herbs are known for their potent and positive effects on the body and the mind. At G Herbal Indonesia, we have harnessed that power by incorporating them into consumable products.

With land fertilized by volcanic soil, Indonesia is a rich breeding ground for herbs that rejuvenate and refresh in equal measure. The tropical climate provides the perfect environment for verdant growth so we never run out of fresh ingredients.

This also allows us to source ingredients for herbal food supplements that can rejuvenate, uplift and heal at the same time.


G 1708 BODY

Our perfectly balanced formulation containing Centella Asiatica, Curcuma Xanthorrhiza and Morinda Citrifolia extracts, which helps to maintain the immune system and optimizes the functions of the whole body.

60 capsules
5 Blisters @ 12 capsules

IDR 278.000


Our unique formulation to optimize the metabolism and digestive system, containing Curcuma Xanthorrhiza, Garcinia Cambogia and Camelia Sinensis extracts. This helps to reduce body fat.

60 capsules
5 Blisters @ 12 capsules

IDR 278.000

G 1708 SKIN

Our accurate formulation to maintain, optimize and revitalize your skin from the inside, containing Garcinia Mangostana, Curcuma Xanthorrhiza and Centella Asiatica extracts.

60 capsules
5 Blisters @ 12 capsules

IDR 278.000

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Indonesia is well known for its abundant natural resources and fertile lands. The volcanic nature of the soil means that it is rich in nutrients and minerals, whilst the tropical climate ensures fast growth. This has allowed the promulgation of plants and herb varieties that are unique to the country.

for natural healing

At G Herbal, we source all of our ingredients fresh from selected farms that are spread across the archipelago. Through the close partnership of our producer with these farms, that span decades, we have benefited from their unique locations across the land in the form of herbs that suit individual needs.

Their individual positioning allows our herbs to grow in optimal conditions, far away from motorways and in the soil and climate best suited for their individual needs.

In addition, we work closely with the Farmers to ensure the herbs they grow for us reach their full potential. Our Farmers use GAP and Organic standards and our herbs are traceable to the source. G Herbal will never buy raw materials from the open market.

that meet global standards

At G Herbal, our aim is to provide herbal supplements that are made from ingredients that can be traced straight to the source. We stay away from wholesale markets.

With our in-depth knowledge of a range of suitable extraction methods, we can take raw herbs and produce herbal formulations that meet global health standards. We are constantly working with our partners in Indonesia and across the globe to create supplements that most effectively and safely improve your wellbeing.