PT G Herbal Indonesia opened its doors in 2012 and is a force to be reckoned with in providing mixtures of herbs that are sourced from indigenous farms. However, the recognition of a need for farm fresh herbs emerged in 2008 when the founder and CEO, Philip Goossens, came to the country.

It took little time for the founder to realize that Indonesia was abundant in resources that could be used to make herbal medication and topicals that do not have negative side effects. While the country did have a market for these, most herbals were not marketed outside the country.

With the rich benefits of the herbals unrecognized in the western hemisphere, the founder first tried a number of remedies on various markets and then decided to create PT G Herbal Indonesia. What followed was 2 years worth of travel within and outside Indonesia to explore a number of options. The aim was to create unique formulations that a worldwide audience would appreciate.

In 2011, we forged ties with Institut Pertania Bogor, which is SEA’s largest agricultural university. The diverse and large herbal facility and the informed faculty of this esteemed educational institute had a large hand in aiding us in creating quality formulations. The facility is ISO 9001 certified and has over 60 researchers who are plumbing the rich earth for more resources each day. Our efforts didn’t end here though.

In 2014, we forged a partnership with a production company which is a WHO GMP manufacturer, GAP producer and certified by the FDA in the US. This partnership allows us to gain a firm foothold in the marketplace and access customers worldwide who are in search of wholesome and healthy herbal supplements.


We are headquartered in Indonesia which has one of the largest open spaces and fertile volcanic soil in the world. Needless to say the soil is rich in nutrients and fertile. Plus, add the fact that the tropical climate ensures growth all year round, G Herbal is sitting at a source that never runs out. This includes a range of rare herbs and plants that can be used for formulating nourishing herbal formulations.

We source all of our raw material from farms that are spread across the Archipelago and which have been selected over decades by our partners. Their unique position allows the growth of herbs in conditions that are optimal for their health and functionality.