The two places in the world with the largest biodiversity are Indonesia and the Amazons. Indonesia has the advantage of more open spaces, and because of the volcanic nature of the land, its soil is very fertile and rich in important nutrients. The tropical climate ensures fast, verdant growth. Hundreds of different plant and herb varieties have already been found and researched, and many more are probably still out there fto be discovered.




Our raw materials are sourced from selected Farms spread around the Archipelago. These farms have been selected over decades by our partners. Their individual positioning allows our herbs to grow in optimal conditions, far away from motorways and in the soil and climate best suited for their individual needs. We work closely with the Farmers for them to enable the herbs to reach their full potential. Our Farmers use GAP and Organic standards.

Did you know that it matters at what time of day they harvest the herbs? If you miss the optimal time, the herb will not have any of its properties activated.

Thus, herbs are not all equal. It matters greatly how they are handled from planting to harvest.

Our herbs are traceable to the source. G Herbal will never buy raw materials from the open market.

Indonesian Herbs, Indonesian/Swiss Formulation

For us to get the most optimal formulations and mixtures for our raw materials, we use various sources with a combined multi decade track record in herbalism.

We devises new product ideas and mixtures. These are thereafter distributed to Pusat Studi Biofarmaka (IPB Bogor), the R&D team of our producer and a laboratory for food and natural materials content in Switzerland.

Through their combined knowledge of traditional and modern uses and extraction methods of our raw materials, we can formulate and produce the most optimal formulations to global standards and Laws.